Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Old fotos new post

Good morning pallies...  

Clearing out my phone again and here are a few random edits. 

Played the Postal Pete app. I thought it was pretty cool...& kinda hard!! Lol 

A page in my Hello kitty penpal log book.
I love saving every stamp I receive.

Random TO: labels I decorated. Hello Kitty love!! 

Gypsy was my first ever pen palling assistant!! Miss him!! He was so handsome and cuddly!! Rest in peace my Gypsy king 

Ponybrown side it post it's I ordered on eBay. They're so cute!! 

Pretty self explanatory!! 

Memorable swap from Guia ;) this foto still makes me smile!! Hello kitty love!! 

Thanks for stopping by ;) 

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