Sunday, April 21, 2013


Just a quick thank you & update...

A sincere thank you to all me pen pals old and new. You are not forgotten!! I loved all your long letters, goodies, intro letters & swaps!! You girls really spoil me!! Thank you ALL!! <3

Im so sorry, I haven't been answering much mail lately. I'm really trying to organize n downsize things in my apt for late May/June's fresh paint. I've been on a mission for quite sometime now. But the time is now....or NEVER!!

I'm on the browse for those big pink 3drawer Rubbermaid type storage. I forget what store I saw then in ;( (Walmart n target do not have them grrr) I think I saw them at big lots?? I need 2 of them. I got painting brushes and sanding paper for my desk project. I hope to pick up a small black can of paint for her soon. I still need to pick out the colors for my apt. I'm excited!! I've spray painted my old pink picture frames and reframed my Marylin Monroe's. I brought her into the bedroom she's too sexy for the living room ;)) lets see what else?? I've been hella But I still have to cover my throw pillows..I will be sure to update my progress.

Thanks for stopping by n reading my lil update before bed. I will make time for you all again!! Snailmailrevolution!!!!

GN <3

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