Saturday, January 28, 2012

Messy Mess...

Here is a foto of my messy desk.
No matter how hard I try to keep things neat...I always
seem to start back at square one. I have beep piling things
here n there and I really need to stop it. It's like childs play
when I'm done playing I should clean up my!
I want to declutter my desk though. I barely have
space for writing? Lets see what I come up with?

I really want to get some new storage bings in PINK...
or Black?...not sure just yet? I'm sure it'll be easier to find
them in black. I like how sleek the black looks. The ones
I have are white and are banged up a few have cracked.
From moving from place to place over the years.
 I'm so indecisive!!?? I really like this smaller one
from a hardware store...looks perfect for
those smaller things...



  1. Where can I find the black one on bottom?

  2. All the pink stuff on your desk makes your mess look nice. XD I don't know if I will ever be organized but I hope you find the right storage bin. The black on on the bottom looks really nice.

  3. I think you should invest in some wooden storage. Target has a couple things that come to mind. I think it's plywood, but it does come in pink and it's easy to assemble. You can use as-is or use some cute baskets.