Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Letters sent

Yesterday I went to visit mom and I took some letters along with me
 I only took the letters that enclosed Christmas cards in hopes of
sending out a few myself. I was extremely late with cards this
year. I received tons of pretty cards. Between my pals
& friends at the office I def felt the Christmas cheer.

It totally made me want to ANSWER MY MAIL!!

Cards went out to

Jennifer M
Heather W
Stephanie S
Izabela K


  1. Sweet! Yeah, I am determined to get all my decos out and start fresh for the new year, girl. I need to get control of my mail and blog. Expect a lot more posting since I got a tablet for Xmas. XD It has my fave camera app on it already and soon I will be able to go online at work. I am so excited! *squeeee* Gonna search for a blogspot app next. XD

  2. OOOH! I want snail mail from you. :)