Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day Dreaming about PINK desks...

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LOVE! It's so chic!

Some ones cubicle...I wouldn't mind if they did this to me!

Such a cute heart shaped table!!! & Heartbord! lol!

I adore this bedroom! It looks so cool!!

Heart this shelf...

Twin desks!! How neat!! I love the bulletin board

Not pink but def Shabby-Chic

I want a tiny lap cute!!

Simple n sweet :)'s super PINK!

I love this Phone chair!!
I would sit here talk on y cell any day! 

So bright...this reminds me of Betsey Johnson!!

I like the mosaic on this one.

Love this one too!! So PERDY!!

FUNNY!! I want to line my desk with PINK Cheetah felt

I found some over @ A.C.Moore.
Or maybe I'll do Zebra?? This desk looks
 so cool!!! I love it! Totally inspired!


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  1. Wow... these are all so pretty! I don't have a desk and I would love one too, especially one of these! ;) !!