Monday, October 24, 2011

Organizing My Pen Pal Desk...

My Messy Pen Pal Desk...
(Find No1SassyGrl...he he)

I've had this mess for months now and just couldn't take
 it anymore!! I have way too much stuff!!! This desk was 
my fathers desk he kept in the basement with work tools. 
Yeah work tools. I remember I begged him for it. 
It's a Vintage styled desk. The top opens but I keep
 her closed. I really want to start using my desk
for writing again..vs my clipboard/sofa time.

Here is the botton half of my MESSY desk.

Tada...not much difference but still neater and
definetly cuter. I want to sand her down and paint her white!
I really hope to get crafty one day! She looks so old!
Did you find the No1Sassygrl yet??

...more fotos to come..



  1. I LOVE IT!!!! WOW!!!! You have a lot of cute stuff girly!!!! Thank you for sharing this. I should clean up my messy room. I don't have much space any longer. *SIGH*

  2. Wow, love it and so cute. I see you in the HK mirror! You make me wanna clean my craft room~ XD

    Cute desk too. It would look great while or a pale pink. xoxo