Monday, October 17, 2011

Outgoing Mail...

Hello visitors, Today is Monday and it's a busy one.
I always love to start the new week...even if it does mean it's
 back to work. This weekend was pretty relaxing. I was able to
 answer a few letters andI received my stamps from
 on Saturday. I have my letterswith me this morning. It
feels so good to finally send off some mail.
 I'll finally start adding all of my current 
pen pals to my pages.

(flickr is running so editing for today grrr...)

Outgoing mail...

Sabine K - Germany
Hendrica L - The Netherlands
Zelda B - Australia
Suvi K - Australia
Seika - Chile
Yeska - NM
Nicole T - NY
Kristin C- WV
Vanessa N - Co
Sarah R - MD
Kimberly B - WV
Izzy K - WA


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  1. Aww... Glad to see your back! Missed you bunches... XOXO =)