Monday, October 10, 2011

For & By

A Shoe-themed deco...

No-theme deco...
An older deco I'm finally passing it along (yay!)

Le Madonna themed deco..
It looks super plain but
the inside was better.
Sorry no foto :(

Vintage themed deco.
I found his foto in an Elle magazine :)

No-themed deco.
Another older deco I'm finally passing along.

Hip-Hop themed deco.
Rosie Perez luv.

All about the LIPS themed deco.
Notice the date on this old
baby!! I'm finally sending
her off to S.O.S

Eye Make-up themed deco.

Girly themed deco.

Lastly another Grly themed deco.
What a doll?!! Thanks for stopping by!

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