Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kreative Blogger Award :)

I've been tagged for quite some time now and finally got around to posting this.

Rules Of The Award:

List 10 facts about yourself, tag 10 other bloggers, and tell them about the award!

10) I'm a super-duper-ubber femme!
9) I love to Blog & blog hop :)
8) I'm more into Zines than actual books
7) I'm currently crushin on 2 celebs...Lil Wayne & Chris Brown :)
6) I'm totally addicted to Ebay shopping.
5) I have a love for all things PINK! seriously!
4) I'm a huge fan of Reality TV...if it's on I've probably watched it
3) My fave foods are Pizza and more pizza..ha ha
2) I'm currently trying to get into couponing :)
1) Hello Kitty is my BFF! he he

And now I would like to tag these people;

Well my 3 chicas Aurora & Jessica & Aida tagged me  with this award so I can't choose them...(pouts)


  1. Hey Chica!!! Sorry, we tagged you first. LOL!!! It's great to learn more about you. Sooo cute HK is your BFF. :)