Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hi dolls!! It's mail-time :)
I've been answering mail today and editing a few fotos.
I love how this one above turned out. I'm no expert but I likey!

I received these two catalogs in the mail on friday.
I loved all the spring colors!!! I requested them on the net last week.
I did see really nice sandals..he he

  Swap from Teresa...
Labels for future FB's I'll create...I liked her note!
I'm always late with letters but I beleive it gives us
more to write about. Letters are special to me :)
So late letters means we are living life
My letter/swap to Teresa
Here is my personal label bag :) When I sign and swap
labelbags I place the labels in here. When I'm in
the deco mood it's just easier that way.



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